About Us

What is Max Joy?

Max Joy is a lifestyle, an ideology, an attitude, a way of life. The brand's roots are grounded with individuals just like you from around the world dedicated to maximizing their enjoyment in everyday life.  No matter who you are, what you enjoy or where you call home, Max Joy is a way of life that can be embraced by all.  It's not about wanting more joy in life, it is about living the life that brings you the most joy each and every day.

Our brand is dedicated to having fun while not taking life too seriously, promoting good times and positive energy, bringing happiness to others and most importantly: MAXimum enJOYment.  

Where it all began

The concept was first conceived by friends on their weekly Monday morning pilgrimage back from the beach to the harsh reality of the workweek.  This journey is known as the "Drive At Five" to all Jersey Shore summer enthusiasts and requires a particularly positive mindset given the 5AM wakeup call. 

It was a tough, miserable start to the drive home one August morning.  Miserable because another great summer weekend had come and gone.  There would be no more golf, beach or tiki-bar time until the next glorious weekend.  As the drive continued in silence and negativity, we found ourselves complaining about quite a lot that morning.  A dose of harsh reality was washing over our tired eyes as the mile markers passed, a grim reminder that we probably stayed out a little too late the night before.

In an effort to break free from this miserable spell a wave a great emotion came over us. A proclamation was made to look inward and from that very moment to live every moment with Maximum Enjoyment.  We were not going to take anything for granted anymore.  An easy statement to make, but an even tougher mantra to live by. Of course we would still head back to work, but with a different mindset: enjoy your life as much as possible.  From that moment the idea gained positive momentum to snowball into a full blown life philosophy. Maximum Enjoyment became Max Joy, a way to live our lives promoting this very mentality and spreading Max Joy to others.   

A Thank You From The Founders Mike, Nick & Kevin

We would like to thank everyone for all of the support and Max Love you have shown to us individually and to our brand. We have come a long way from brainstorming sessions at The Golden Inn and we are very stoked for the future. Without the support of loyal MaxJoyers from all over the world (you know who you are) our dream would not have become a reality.  Thanks again and we hope you continue to support us for years to come!  

Giving Back

Part of the foundation of Max Joy is to give back to the community and to contribute to society in a positive manner.  In only a few years we have been able to work with and help so many fantastic causes. We will continue to help charities and support great causes each and everyday!