Third Test

East Coast Lifestyle was created by an Acadia student in the classroom. Alex Maclean started the brand with just 30 hoodies and has turned ECL into a serious movement. Himself born and raised at the heart of the east coast in Nova Scotia, ECL was founded on the basis that people want to wear and represent the east coast and the lifestyle we live here. By creating a great product that promotes a great place, we made something special. People came together to stand for where they come from and a movement began.

Recognizable athletes and actors such as Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, Tig From Son's Of Anarchy & Classified support and wear the clothing line, but our mission is to give back to a place that has given so much to us, and that comes full-circle through the community outreach program. We came together in the belief that we are the East Coast and are dedicated to always support the community in different ways. At the beginning, the brand was started as a school project by a passionate 21 year old student but we ended up starting a movement.

The brand began in March of 2013 and in our first year of operations over 60 NHL players, major actors & celebrities all support the brand whether they are from Nova Scotia or Florida. Check out our social media for updates and brand movement.

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