Tadich Grill


I walked into the institution known as the Tadich Grill to get away from the wind whipping through the canyons of the financial district in downtown San Francisco. This my second visit, I settled in with the other veterans and assumed my position to wait for a “single” to open up along the long bar flanking the right side of the restaurant.

Founded in 1849 the Tadich Grill is not only San Francisco’s oldest restaurant, but the most tenured in the entire state of California. It also serves damn fine seafood in a no nonsense approach.

If you are looking for a feel good experience, a fine dining venue, or a four star review, please look elsewhere. If you are looking for tradition, great food, knowledgeable service, and transportation to a simpler era, this joint is for you.

I chuckled to myself as many of the “first timers” were dismayed by the no reservation policy. I watched their confusion grow into frustration as they decided to wait for two seats to open at the bar. I had already snagged my “single” and was happily slurping my chowder while dipping sour dough bread into the bowl.

This is a place where you can lose yourself in the moment. Connections to the outside world can wait as you strike up a conversations with a complete stranger.


“City of Brotherly Love, my friend.”

Full, I smile and know if ever asked for a lunch spot by a fellow business traveler, I wouldn’t hesitate to send them along to the Tadich Grill.

Max Joy seal of approval.