Min to MaxJoy! A collection of stories...

I handed the National guy the keys and he responded with “The total comes to $1,250”. Immediately I knew something wasn’t right as thoughts of MinJoy crept into my head. This was for a 5 day rental and I was a damn executive chairman. “You can’t do this to me!” I yelled as I stormed the rental counter.

Two weeks earlier I had endured another MinJoy moment when I returned a previous vehicle. It had been sideswiped without my knowledge and I had labored through a discussion with a very nice lady and an incompetent AMEX client service representative. I am still dealing with the claim. To top it off, in my haste I left my unreal sunglasses there as I ran to catch a flight. Why sunglasses don’t come with a GPS sticker is unbeknownst to me.

Fast forward to this past Friday as the rental agent tells me it isn’t a problem that I don’t have a reservation. “Go ahead and grab any car you like!” I took the SUV because that is what any aspiring big shot does and was on my way. Before leaving I checked with the attendant on duty about my glasses. No dice. I even searched through a box containing 30 different pairs.

Her: “What do they look like?”
Me: “They are black.”

I took my car for a few days and returned it this afternoon on the eve of another trip west. Apparently I wasn’t afforded my corporate discount, was charged the SUV rate, as well as being dinged for any other charge they could cram in there. Incredulously I couldn’t even get the manager to discuss my issue face to face and was told that they could reduce my bill to around half of the original total. I sincerely felt they wanted some sort of credit for that trick.

Just shy of a complete meltdown, I demanded to see the manager again. As a disclaimer I rent from National ten days out of every month. As I waited for the attendant and the manager to continue their dallying in the back room I looked down next to the computer and couldn’t believe my eyes.

F-ing MaxJoy!

My sunglasses were wedged between the partition and the computer. I confidently scooped them up, put them on, and walked out of the joint. I called the National customer service line when I got to the airport and they handled everything for me.